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About the Annandale Osteopathic Centre

Geoff Ward

After practicing in Annandale for 40 years Geoff has relocated to Mountain street Ultimo (Sydney Health Professionals).

Geoff has been involved in allied health for almost 50 years. Starting in Pharmacy in 1974 his interests quickly changed to the role of natural therapies in health care.  Holding qualifications in Osteopathy, Children’s Osteopathy, Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine provided a broad basis to his practice. Now in his 39th year of continuous practice as an osteopath, he brings a depth of experience and understanding to the treatment of injury, and pain in the body. For the person seeking assistance, this means a measured approach to therapy based on outcome.

Geoff recognises that each injury and strain is unique and each treatment is therefore specific for the person at that time. The aim of treatment is always to restore previous levels of activity without pain and to reach that goal with minimal therapy.

Osteopathic information


Osteopathy literally means the passion for, or the suffering of, the bone and it is through the musculoskeletal system we work to achieve health using only our hands. In 1874 American surgeon Dr Andrew Taylor Still founded osteopathy in Kirksville Missouri. He recognising the unique nature of the individual and their symptoms and applied personal solutions. Skills are literally passed from hand to hand in osteopathy, with a focus on resolution rather than management wherever possible. In doing so we acknowledge three important principals:

1st  –  that the individual has the inbuilt capacity to heal;

2nd  –  that Structure and Function are inseparable – healing the structure restores it’s function;

3rd  –  people work as a single unit of function – meaning injury effects more than the bones and can compromise other areas. Injury often affects the way people think and feel as well as causing physical pain.