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Clinic Changes during COVID-19

The following changes have been instituted in the clinic

Hygiene measures have been implemented and include the following changes to reduce risk of prolonged contact in the clinic.

  • Temperature checks, hand sanitiser and use of surgical masks, by the osteopath, in treatments are now standard practice.
  • All therapy and office contacts are reduced to the osteopath alone.
  • No waiting for appointments.
  • Waiting in the clinic office is no longer available.
  • We request shoes not be worn in the treatment area.
  • Between treatments exposed surfaces are disinfected and linen changed immediately.

We encourage people to use surgical masks however they are currently not supplied.

Additionally we reserve the option of not providing therapy to individuals who have symptoms consistent with COVID exposure or who are awaiting COVID test results. If you have questions about these measures we are happy to discuss any issue the changes raise for you.

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Established in 1983 we are the longest serving clinic in the Inner West.

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Injury and postural strains are common reasons to see an osteopath.

Cranial Osteopathy

This therapy may be extended to the whole body and is the preferred form of treatment in this clinic


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